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An Organic Family Farm

The photo is of our home on the farm, hand built by family and friends over 27 years ago. Lee Roversi and her three children, Sky, Nell and Bay, are the creative forces behind the farm and its businesses. They are committed to the conscious intention behind the founding of North Country Farms.
The mom, Lee, is dedicated to her children and to helping facilitate their untraditional education and life paths in a heartfelt way, providing a special experience to the guests on the farm, creative writing, reading, tending the vegetables and fruits, travel and her yoga practice.
The children are . . .

Sky, 31 years old-- a musician and scholar of history and languages. Sky has taken to travel and has had some wonderful world adventures in the past several years, touring some of SE Asia, India and many European places. After a time living in Santa Fe, New Mexico working in a Waldorf pre-school there, he spent a few months working on organic farms in Austria and Vermont. That inspired him to come back to Kauai and our farm a couple of years ago where he is focusing on making our crops even more diverse. He has a strong commitment to the ideals of true sustainability.

Nell is 28 -- a creative, dramatic soul who really loves music, theater, writing, and has a particular passion for cooking and exploring the limitless world of food. In particular, the farm-to-table concept has caught her interest. She graduated from the Seattle Art Institute International Culinary Program and has recently traveled to Morocco, Europe and India further exploring the world and her place in it. Each summer finds her working as the chef on a private charter yacht in SE Alaska, a dream job for her.

Bay is 24 years old - he is happiest surfing, skateboarding, playing soccer, dirt biking, scuba diving, juggling, snowboarding, hiking, playing frisbee -- always in motion and usually with friends! It is no surprise that he, too, has picked up this family's travel fever and has been on some amazing jaunts himself, including three cross-country road trips in our family's old VW Eurovan, Bay is currently eying his backpack for more adventure. To fuel that dream, he is working hard doing landscape maintenance. The farm's stellar grounds are part of his repertoire.

All of the children attended our local Waldorf elementary school. Deciding to bring them home years back to continue their educational life path in a largely self-directed way for high school and beyond was a source of great growth, discovery and joy for our family. Each of us is grateful for each other and our lives in paradise!

This farm is a combination of intensely beautiful nature and fine people with sterling intention. I have been so fortunate over the years to work this land with people who care. People who have helped me create the feeling of grace that pervades this farm. People with positive attitude, coupled with a solid work ethic. If you are interested in a chance to learn and live on the farm in this way, contact us.

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